Detect and Alter Musical Key

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2023-08-02 17:28

The key component of Music Speed Changer iOS detects the key of any track in your collection. It also shows you the new key of the music when you adjust the pitch.

Here are the steps to use Music Speed Changer iOS for key detection and alteration:

Tap the Gear to Open Settings

Settings can be accessed from the "Listen Now" tab as well as from the editor.

open settings of Music Speed Changer iOS app from editor
Click the gear icon at the top.

Add the Musical Key Component

Selecting BPM and Musical Key under editor modes will place the key component to the editor.
Add the Musical Key Component

You can also add the music key component to your custom layout under configure custom.
Add the Musical Key Component to custom

Note that if in addition to detecting the original key, you plan on changing the key, you will also need to add the pitch component.
Add the Pitch and Musical Key Component

Adjusting the Musical Key

In the editor, use the Pitch controls to alter the music key. Below the pitch is raised by two semitones to change the original key of F minor to G minor.
Adjust Musical Key with the Pitch Component

As you move the pitch slider, you will see the music key change on the right as the pitch is shifted up and down using the pitch controls.
Shift Musical Key with the Pitch Component

Correcting the detected Key

In some cases your understanding of a track's key may differ from the detected key. If you want to correct the detected key, tap on it to open the key picker. Note this will only alter the display value. To change the key of the current track, use the pitch controls.
correct detected Musical Key

App user
What is the setting for C#?
For C♯ you want to use D♭, which is another name for C#. D♭ has the same note pitch / sound, which means that the two note names are enharmonic to each other.

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