Rate Controls for Joint Audio Speed and Frequency Scaling

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2022-02-28 16:01
Reset the rate to the original track tempo and pitch
Current Value - tap to change (or use slider)
Reset the rate to the original track tempo and pitch
Reset button - tap to restore default value
Slider - slide to left to lower rate slide to right to increase audio speed

Music Speed Changer Rate Control lets you adjust an audio track's speed in sync with the track's pitch. The changing of rate scales the speed and frequency at the same ratio which means you can slow down audio and the audio will sound deeper and speed up audio and the audio will sound higher. It is similar to the effect produced when changing the RPM of a spinning vinyl record.

You can control the playing track's rate either by using the slider or by clicking on the display value and adjusting the wheel picker. 

The default value range is 25% to 250%. The range can be expanded up to 15% to 500% under Speed and Pitch in Settings.

Combining Pitch and Tempo into Rate

Music Speed Changer iOS allows you to combine pitch and tempo into one control slider called rate. To join pitch and speed into one slider, open the editor settings. Under speed and pitch, tap Link Tempo and Pitch. This will turn on the music rate control slider.
Open settings to turn on Join pitch and tempo into music rateJoin Speed and Pitch to into music rate control sliderLink Tempo and Pitch to turn on the music rate control slider

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