Pitch Controls for Pitch Shifting

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2022-02-20 15:56
Reset the track pitch to the original pitch
Current Value - tap to change (or use slider)
Reset the pitch to the original track pitch
Reset button - tap to restore default value
Slider - slide to left to lower the pitch to right to increase

Music Speed Changer Pitch Control lets you adjust a track's pitch independent of the tempo, which means you can raise the sound without making it faster and lower the audio without making slower.

You can control the playing track's pitch either by using the slider or by tapping on the display value and adjusting the wheel picker.
Pitch controls of Music Speed iOS Semitone cents picker  

Pitch Control Options

The basic pitch control has additional customization available in settings, namely snap to semitones, pitch shift range adjustment, adding plus/minus buttons and link pitch and tempo.
Open settings to customize pitch settingsPitch settings to customize pitch control

Snap Pitch to Semitones

If you want the slider to slide by whole number values, there is an option you can turn on in settings.

Under Settings, tap the Snap Pitch to Semitones toggle button on
Snap Pitch to semitones setting

Adjust the Pitch Shift Range

The default range for shifting pitch in the iOS Music Speed app is two octaves. You can narrow the range to one octave or expand the range to four octaves in settings. Please note that large shifts can cause undesirable distortion. See here for more information on adjusting the pitch shift range

Under Settings, tap the Pitch Shift Range options and select your desired range
Pitch shift range from one to four octaves
Tap for more info

Adding Plus/Minus Buttons

To make adjusting easier, you can add +/- buttons. Turning on this feature in settings will put a minus and a plus button to the left and right of each of the sliders in the app. Tap here for more info on adding plus and minus buttons in the editor
Enabled Plus Minus Buttons in Music Speed Changer iOS editor

Link Pitch and Tempo

If you are looking to change the pitch of your audio at a natural rate, so the tempo of the audio changes as the pitch changes, you want to turn on the setting to link pitch and tempo in settings. It will enable you to use Music Speed iOS to change the pitch with a single rate control. Tap here for more info on linking pitch and tempo into a single rate control
Linking pitch and tempo into a single control

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