A/B Practice Loop Points

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2022-02-20 18:55

Music Speed Changer has AB repeat functionality which allows setting the start point (A) and end point (B) for a section of an audio track to be played back repeatedly. This loop function, commonly called AB, A+B, A-B, or A/B repeat, allows for a track or portion of a track to be continuously looped or repeated. The A/B Repeat is used by musicians, singers, dancers, and other students studying their craft or field of interest by ear or to audio. The AB segment can be slowed to a comfortable speed and slowly increased as the students improve their skills and master the contents of the segment. The A/B can also used to create beats from loops and rhythmic practise backdrops for music practice. 

Open the Music Editor

Open the editor by tapping or swiping up the bottom player
Open the editor

Set A/B loop points

Click on the A button to set a start (A) point and then on the B button to set an end (B) point
Setting A/B loop points

After you have set your start A-point and end B-point, the player will loop the section in between the A and B loop points continuously
Loop between A/B loop points

Edit the Loop Points

To fine tune the loop, tap the pencil button to the right of the A/B point buttons.
Edit A/B loop points

You can change the position of the loop points by minutes, seconds and milliseconds using the wheel pickers.
Fine tune A/B loop points

You can change the position of the loop points by the length of the current loop by using the AB arrow buttons at the top.
Advance or rewind loop by A/B loop length

You have the option to turn on or off advancing the loop points by millisecond or 10 milliseconds at a time to make scrolling and adjusting easier depending on your needs.
Advance or rewind loop by milliseconds

Deleting A/B loop points

To remove the AB start and end time points, tap on the X button. The track will continue playing with the current play settings
Remove A/B loop points

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