iPhone, iPad music speed app for musicians, nightcore makers and slowed reverb music listening on iOS

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Music Speed Changer iOS is a music player app with real time audio editing and independent tempo and pitch change. It's an iPhone and iPad music app that doesn't need wifi, the free music editor and player work without internet. The app detects BPM, music key and A4 tuning frequency, and can speed up songs or slow down songs and save to new track. You can also listen to your entire music collection with pitch shift, tempo change and effects applied on the fly. The audio editor has a visually compelling interface with easy to use controls for precisely adjusting sound. It's an iTunes and mp3 editor and player with pitch changer, tempo changer and A/B loop points component for dance and musicians' practice. The app has a professional equalizer (music booster) and audio effects for creating custom dj mixes such as slowed reverb, daycore and nightcore.

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Also available on Google Play and as a Web App and Browser Extension.

iPhone, iPad music speed app for musicians, nightcore makers and slowed reverb music listening

NEW! Autocorrect Vocals / Formant Correction

Music Speed Changer iOS app now has one of a kind real time formant auto correction of pitch shifted vocals in the Pro version. Try it free for a week: https://apps.apple.com/app/music-speed-changer/id1595494271

Watch the vocal autocorrect:

iOS App Features

Music Speed Changer iOS app for iPhone and iPad is a complete music player with an added music editor full of audio artist tools for customizing your entire music collection in real time or as new creations. The app is easy to use and completely free.

Change Audio Tempo with Music Speed Changer iOS

Tempo Changer

Change the tempo of your iTunes and personal collection audio tracks in real time without affecting the pitch More

Pitch Shift Audio to Change Music Pitch

Pitch Changer

Shift the pitch of your audio tracks in real time, on the fly, with or without changing the tempo More

Loop Parts of Music Track

A/B Loop

Practice Music and dance with loop points precisely set at defined parts in a track for slowed down repetition More

Detect and Change Music Key & BPM

BPM & Music Key

Detect music key, A4 tuning frequency and BPM. Change the music key, tone, frequency and BPM of your music tracks in real time Watch

iOS Music Effects

Audio Effects

Apply audio effects to your music to enhance the listening experience. Fully customizable reverb and echo effects allow you to fine tune your music

iOS Music Player with Music Editor

Pro Music Player

Best sound quality in the industry! Our proprietary audio manipulation delivers unrivaled sound making MSC the ultimate music player

Listen to your entire music collection in reverse

Reverse Audio

Play your music backwards. Reverse the audio for practising an instrument or hunting for hidden messages in music

Professional 8 band equalizer for bass boosting with frequency band volume control

8 Band Equalizer

Professional equalizer functions as a bass booster with separate 8 band volume control

Listen to your entire music collection in slowed reverb

Slowed Reverb

Listen to your entire music collection slowed down with reverb added in real time, on the fly

Nightcore maker for turning your music collection into nightcore

Nightcore Maker

Combine tempo and pitch into rate and add effects for nightcore and daycore dj mixes

Custom Music Player Colors

Custom Colors

Your music player in your colors. The iOS app accommodates dark and light mode with any custom accent colors

Save to M4A or WAV

Save to M4A + WAV

New tracks can be encoded in high quality AAC m4a, Apple Lossless m4a or WAV format

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Different looks of the iOS tempo app for iPhone and iPad. Get the music speed app for musicians, nightcore makers and slowed reverb music lovers
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Android and Web Sibling Apps

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